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Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking system is the most popular and versatile type of bulk storage racks for pallets and boxes. They provide accessibility where you need it, as they are designed for immediate direct access to store and retrieve all pallets. Each Selective Pallet Rack bay is constructed by combining vertical upright frames with horizontal load beams and is available in numerous sizes, capacities, and configurations.

They increase versatility and efficiency, which will save you money by ensuring the most efficient use of space available. This is the ideal solution for small storage areas or small to medium size warehouses, where space matters and you want easy access to material from both sides. This gives you the benefit of high visibility and safety. Your fork trucks will have no trouble reaching, storing, or retrieving product, and you'll be able to find whatever you need in the blink of an eye.

MEDESIGN INDIA help facilitate the process of planning, installing and supplying your Selective Pallet Racking system. Don’t wait, contact us today so you can improve your facilities throughout with selective pallet rack storage to help keep profits rising higher!

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Selective Pallet Rack Advantages:

Designed for flexibility and provides immediate access of all pallets

Provides high density storage

Easy installation and re-configuration

Easy installation and re-configuration

Can accommodate moving beam levels to adjust for new or different size pallets

Has extensive line of accessories for a variety of applications

Selective Pallet Racking Accessories available:

Row Spacers

Row guard

Wall Ties

Column Protectors

Concrete Anchors


Aisle connector

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