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Pallet flow rack/Gravity flow racks

Medesign is a long- lasting Metal pallet racks manufacturers, FIFO Gravity Flow racks manufactures in Bangalore, Karnataka providing superior-quality and durable Metal Pallet racking solution that suitable to fulfillthe requirement of your business.

Pallet Flow Rack is an ideal solution if you need to increase the number of pallet positions and keep the ability to rotate stock; a first in, first out high-density storage system.

Pallet flow works like a conveyor system within the rack. Pallets are loaded at the charge or input end and then flow down inclined rollers to the pick faces. Available up to twenty-plus pallet positions deep, a pallet flow system dramatically increases your storage capacity.

Pallet flow racking is also good for holding warehouses and dispatch areas where pallets need to be removed quickly. Additionally, the system helps to keep employees at a safe distance from the forklifts that are replenishing the racks at the input end. Pallet Flow rack can provide an excellent return on investment, as it improves warehouse productivity, storage capacity, and efficiency.

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High-density storage utilizes space with fewer aisles

FIFO (first in, first out) storage and constant product rotation

Pick aisle faces are constantly stocked for simultaneous operation

Shorter travel times increase order picking efficiencies and improve productivity

Separate loading and order picking aisles help to ensure a safer flow of fork truck traffic and personnel

Versatility, as can flow different size and weight pallets within the same flow track system

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