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Cantilever Racking

Our cantilever racking systems offer a versatile system for anyone who needs to store a wide variety of long or heavy products. Offering great versatility, our cantilever racking allows you to easily store products with differing requirements – either individually or on pallets.

Cantilever Racks can be designed to accommodate a wide range of storage requirements for products that have various unwieldy lengths, sizes, and weights. Cantilever Racking provides complete openness with no interference from upright columns, which allows for easier and more convenient access to products for removal and replenishment. There is no restriction when designing Cantilever Racks, which means we can design the column centers and bases to meet your specific length and capacity needs. Cantilever Racks can save you money by ensuring the most proficient use of space available.

If you’re looking to achieve better product accessibility, or you need to add on to an existing cantilever rack system, let MEDESIGN INDIA help design a Cantilever Racking system tailored to your warehouse!

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handling time is reduced as stock is easily accessible

provides much greater down-aisle density

May be able to use existing forklift equipment

Adaptability as your business grows or changes.

Full range of sizes and loading capacities are available based upon your storage needs and requirements

Easy installation and reconfiguration of support arms

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