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Powered Mobile Racks

Powered Mobile Racking System are essential If you are seeking a larger possible number of pallets storage locations on your footprint. It is comprised of single or multi-bay racking mounted on mobile stands.

It is simply conventional pallet racking which can be configured with the same load carrying capacity, storage levels, heights and widths, but mounted on electrically powered mobile bases which run on rails set in the floor.

The bases are parked side by side in banks and when access is required the mobile racks move to provide an access aisle to the required rack face. A single moveable aisle makes every storage location available at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for a separate aisle to serve every rack face. Multi- Safety sensors are synchronized with rack movement which will be provided for safety purpose.

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More storage space due to there being fewer aisles which can be moved.

Less land space required.

Up to 90% of storage space is utilised, maximising storage space for high land cost situations, such as cold or freezer stores.

Can have access to all pallets without having to move other pallets first (FIFO).

There is no First in Last Out (FILO) limitations.

No specialised trucks required

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